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Online business- How the Internet changed The functioning of companies

Online business- How the Internet changed The functioning of companies

The development of technology and with it economy changes the business situation of companies. Business menagement has changes a lot. Newly founded companies are increasingly using modern technologies. More and more often we are dealing with e – business activities.

The beginnings of e- business are related to the use of computers in the economy. Access to modern technologies was an improvement for many entrepreneurs. They could saved a lot of time and money. Electronic Data Interchange – this method improved the work. The first companies that used this method were American banks. They used Electronic Recording Machine too. Their employees could do the same work in a much smalles number of people. In the 70’s and 80’s there was a document turnover within companies.

Nowadays, e-business is focused on electronic sales and promoting their products on the web. We also meet with various types of online training or services. It has very practical basis for every users. A significant propotion of companies are currentlu building customer relationships via the internet. We can also get a lot of valuable data and have insight into opinions and comments about services rendered.

The business activity has been transferred to the network and is largely dependent on it or based solely on it. I thing that this is very important for large companies with hundreds of employees. A network connection greatly improves all company processes.